Inbound route to time condition


For our main switchboard number, we have an inbound route that goes to a time condition. The time condition sets when the voice mail is active which is our case during non-business hours. It works perfectly.

We would like to set by occasion a temporary message for the main switchboard number. I notice there is a “change override” field. So if I set this to “temporary matched” will it then disable the time condition as long as the temporary message is active? And when the temporary message is deletedd, set the time condition to active again?


The override option will reset when the span is lapsed. On the contrary, the permanent options will keep the option overridden until you manually change it back.

Thanks - I think that is not what I would like to achieve. What do I need to do?

You can put another time condition in front of the existing one that routes to the temporary location. When on, the call goes to the temporary location. When off, the call can route to the original time condition.

Depending on your setup, you may need to go to Settings > Advanced Settings and enable the “Hook Time Conditions Module.”

Thanks - I will try it.

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