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I am setting up custom extensions in the sip_custom.conf file because I have extensions that are required to register through a username and not an extension number. I was curious how to set up an inbound route to one of those extensions. The custom extensions don’t appear in the list of extensions in SIPstation settings or Inbound routes so I cannot set it there and I’m not sure what to set it to to use that number in the extensions_custom.conf file as an inbound route. I am on a PBX15 system.

If they are listed in Admin -> Custom Extensions, I would expect them to be seen by Inbound Routes.

Alternatively, I would expect that you could create a regular extension with an alphanumeric ‘number’, then set both CID Num Alias and SIP Alias to the desired number.

You have to create an extension of type ‘custom’, and then define the dial string required to reach the device.

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Thank you for the help. I have a couple more questions.

What would the dial string be?

With the custom extension in FreePBX and extension information in sip_custom.conf set up like you said, do I need to do anything in extensions_custom.conf or can i configure things in the FreePBX custom extension?

Sorry, I did not realize that the GUI disallows alpha extension ‘numbers’, for both regular and custom extensions.

However, once you have created the alpha extension in sip_custom.conf, you should be able to create a Custom Extension (numeric), with a Dial string of SIP/foo, where foo matches the username in sip_custom.conf.

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