Inbound route to a specific extension (VoIP phone) does not "work"

I have installed RasPBX with chan_dongle (Huawei E1752C). I set up a few extensions, trunk, outbound and inbound routes and something weird is going on.

One extension is VoIP phone Aastra 6730i, the other are computers with Zoiper.

When inbound route is directed to Aastra (extension number is 7000), user gets “not available message” from the voice mail. However, when inbound route is directed to Zoiper client on computer (extension number is 2000), extension is ringing and can accept a call when a call comes from GSM dongle trunk.

I have checked the settings of both extensions (7000 and 2000) and cannot find what could be different (wrong).

P. S. I can call normally with extension 7000 (VoIP phone). I can also normally call from other extensions to 7000 and vice-versa.

Any idea?

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