Inbound route routes CID " restricted " differently than CID " Restricted "

Hello Everyone,

 Just set up an inbound route with all caller id's matching blocked numbers  i.e.  ( Blocked, Restricted, Unavailable, Unknown, Anonymous, and Private)  to a special announcement that says:  "we are not accepting calls from Blocked numbers, please unblock your number and try again" and hangs up. 

And, for the most part it works great, but I found one exception. If the caller id comes in as " restricted " with a lower case " r " FreePBX lets that call come in as if it had a regular caller id number. Calls that come in as " Restricted " with a capital " R " get sent to the announcment as should be.

If I attempt to add another inbound route with a lower case " restricted " I get an error message saying there is already an inbound route with that CID .

So, no dice.

Any ideas?

See, especially the comment posted on April 9.

Thanks! wiseoldowl,

I’ll follow that thread. I posted a comment there myself. I’m not sure what the best way going about accomplishing this would be.