Inbound Route Query

We have a requirement that whenever anyone comes to did it will land on IVR and enter an extension to dial that we have done by setting IVR as destination for inbound route and enabling direct dial in that.

But we have one Requirement to segregate set of different extension like from one incoming route user should be able to land on to 5 certain extensions and from different inbound route to a different set of 5 extension.

Kindly suggest.

I say, it can be done with your custom dialplan.

Lorne would probably say "Can be done with a third party module DynRoutes, use the variable FROM_DID"

I don’t understand the question. Are you trying to limit which extensions can be direct dialed from an IVR? If so you want to create Directories of allowed extensions and set direct dial to a directory

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Thanks for the update.

Now we are facing one problem, after creating the inbound route, we create the directory by adding one extension, then in the inbound route assing that directory in set destination, then call to the did number and press extension and # then operator says there is not key matching you have entered, so please suggest how can we place call to that extension?

You dont’ set the route destination to the Directory. You set the destination to the IVR, and then select the directory in the Direct Dial field.

Thanks Dear, now its working…

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You’re welcome Honey.


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