Inbound Route Q


Currently, I have a fake extension where I dump unwanted calls. This includes any repeat offenders whose number I include in an Inbound Route to the extension.

My Inbound Route section is getting pretty large with these numbers. Since they are all going to one extension, is there a way to group all of these numbers so I do not have a mile long list of individual numbers (CID)… (yes I know, CID can be easily spoofed but I am using this right now and it works) routed?

I’m sure there is a better way but right now, this is it.

I use FreePBX
Physical POTS lines in and out.
Some SIP softphones, mostly physical channels.

Have you not considered using the blacklist module (Admin > Blacklist) instead of inbound routes - I think is much easier to manage but is still individual CID’s.

Hmm! Something to consider for sure. I personally would like the dump the telemarketers onto a fax machine noise as the unavailable message of a virtual extension but dumping the call seems to be the way to go.

Thanks for the post!

If anyone finds a way to easily group the inbound routes or has another suggestion, I am all ears.

With blacklists as well you can just used the feature codes *30 and *32 to blacklist numbers rather than have to enter them into the GUI. If you want to avoid unwanted calls from people who block their CLI then you could introduce call screening on your extension as well.