Inbound Route problem: needs the DID to contain a letter

For my inbound route to work the DID needs to match 1234567e0 or sometimes 1234567e1.
BUT the new version of FreePBX makes it impossible to enter my correct DID :frowning:
because I cannot enter the “e” in my inbound route DID the call doesn’t match my route,

Don’t get my wrong if I set the DID manually in the database via my sqI get it working
found on a similar thread BUT
this seems to disable Superfecta for that inbound route ??
so not an ideal work around I need some help here please to get my inbound route to match properly.

Thank you


Interesting, DID’s (DDI’s in the UK) means essentially “Direct Inward Dial” now the various technologies will always accept 0-9 and for completeness some DTMF A-D because they have buttons so marked, looks like are fukcing with users to stop them using standard interop methods. Let’s see what develops here. . .

Pehaps ask them how to dial ‘e’ on an iphone?

I’ll try asking sipgate to change the ID to just numbers, omit the e
then I can stick to the GUI where possible, I’ve tried using patterns to get around it in the DID field on inbound routes pages but didn’t work also been dabbling with custom contexts to correct the DID and send it back to incoming routes but that has also failed because I am just guessing not really knowing what I am doing even tried disabling chava script to put the letter in but even that fails arrrgh thanks for your response. Andy.

If i was sanitizing DID’s I would not accept ‘e’ so it might be deeply hard-coded in most anything involved

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