Inbound route - not recognizing CID

Hi, I want to use two inbound Routes. One default and one just for a single Number.
Let assume the single number is +49123456789.

I have two inbound routes.
DID/CID ANY/+49123456789 --> DISA
but also the call from the single number is routed to IVR.

So, I thought ANY may bound all - regardless any other one configured. So I tried:
DID/CID ANY/+49123456789 --> DISA

Now, my single Number is routed correctly, but all other does not work anymore. Probably because the + in the CID.
I used this wiki page and the linked

Thanks a lot
(Asterisk 16.4.1 & FreePBX

See the tool tip for “CID Priority Route” in your inbound route with the CID specified.

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Thanks, that works.
I thought this is only relevant if DID is configured and because both routes have no DID, I ignored it.
I had a workaround (use dial pattern _[+0-9]! instead ANY) but your solution is quite more elegant

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The other way to solve it is to strip the internationalization information from the inbound call and normalize your numbers in a way that allows people to actually enter the numbers from the keypad. The “generally accepted” way of doing that is through a context like “from-pstn-e164-us” or “from-pstn-e164-gr” contexts in your inbound trunks.

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