Inbound Route for Unknown Caller ID


I’d like to create an inbound route for an unknown/blank caller ID (defined in call event logging as Unknown <>) to be sent to a particular destination.

I’m having difficulty implementing this. Although the inbound routes page says “In addition to standard dial sequences, you can also put Private, Blocked, Unknown, Restricted, Anonymous and Unavailable in order to catch these special cases”, it refuses to accept Unknown.

I’ve also tried creating a route to catch any caller ID, but then this overrides the other routes where I have defined caller IDs, and all calls go to that destination.

Thanks for any help.

Just to add, I do not use any DIDs. The calls are coming from a DAHDI trunk.

On the specified CID routes, make sure you have the “preferred” (?) option set on those. It seems to me there is also an “UNKNOWN” CID destination already available in the system.