Inbound route for collect calls to bypass IVR

We need to allow collect calls from clients calling from a specific location. I have a list of their caller ID numbers

Is the only way to do this by creating an inbound route for each caller ID number and sending it to the extension that I want?

You should be able to create inbound routes using the callerid numbers and send it to whatever destination you have available in FreePBX.

You can create individual inbound routes for your incoming calls, but that doesn’t scale well - it is a one-for-one solution.

If you look back over the past week or so, you should find a thread where someone has a similar request (incoming caller ID used to ring a special “direct” agent line). The solution that was recommended might work for you:

Set up an inbound route that calls a database lookup for the incoming CID. If the CID matches, send it to a specific extension (as you would with an IVR, for example). If it doesn’t match, allow the call to fall-through to your IVR. It will require a custom context for your incoming calls, but it should be relatively simple to build (I predict about 10 lines of custom context code).

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Sorry misread the question. I would absolutely go with Dave’s suggestion if you have more than a few incoming callerid’s to route. I’m just getting starting with dial plan and AGI scripting so my knowledge there is minimal at best!

This is definitely what I would need for this to work however I have no idea how to script it. Would you be able to recommend where to go to get this done?