Inbound Route for Calling Card CLID Issue

Hi All,

I am utilising FreePBX on a PBX in a Flash (PIAF) Platform with Asterisk Version 1.4.38. I got an incoming trunk from a Quintum E1 gateway and all is working well. The setup is done so that only the last four digits of the DID is being passed to me. I get Caller ID incoming and all the necessary bits required for routing.

Now I need to receive a call on the E1 gateway and route it to a SIP trunk on a distant softswitch. I already used a custom extension to dial my cell phone number via the trunk on the same E1 gateway. So I can reroute the call to the Calling Card platform by just matching the right outgoing number required for the particular SIP trunk. The problem is that I see the custom extension number on the SIP trunk, not the incoming CLI that came from the E1 gateway.

I got a similar issue when transferring a call internally between extensions, when transferred the second extension sees the caller extension number, not the CLI of the incoming caller. So you get the following:

Incoming Call -->> CLI -->> Extension #Brilliant, I see who is calling
Incoming Call -->> CLI -->> Extension -->> Transfer -->> Other Extension -->> CLI Lost #Bad!

How do I get the incoming CLI to be passed on and presented as the Outbound CLI on the trunk, and or how do I present it on the receivers phone when the call was transferred?

… but I don’t remember when that became available. I use it to forward calls to my cellphone, which I think is conceptually the same as what you’re trying to do. If Set Caller-ID is not available in your version, you may want to upgrade for this feature alone.

The only problem I can see is the nature of the transfer. If you are transferring the call from a receptionist, I think you will lose the original Caller-ID information in the transfer. I can’t test this, since I’m the receptionist (and the boss) and therefore never get calls that have been intervened.