Inbound route for anonymous and others

Hi guru’s!
I created 2 inbound routes:

  1. For CallerId Number: Anonymous and CID priority route set to YES
  2. For CallerId Number: Any and CID priority route set to NO

Only it’s not giving me result that I’m expecting.
It always goes to route 2 even when the call event logging is showing an anonymous caller.

We would like this because we want to play a different message when some one calls with an anonymous number.

Hope to get some help :slight_smile:

Look at the Asterisk log for an anonymous call. Possibly, your trunking provider is sending something unusual and you could set your Inbound Route to match that.

Alternatively, use a CID of
which will match anything beginning with a digit for your ‘regular’ route, then use the catch-all route (CID left blank) for anonymous.

Putting the _X. on a inbound route with CID priority and adding a any rule with no priority fixes the problem!

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