Inbound route fax detect settings

FreePBX 15 with everything up to date.
How am I supposed to set Fax Detection Type?
The provider does support T.38, but what about the other noted settings? They are obviously chan_sip based, and this system is only chan_pjsip.

FYI: It lets you not select anything and still save and submit. In that case, how is faxing working? Because it does detect and route.

I’ve used fax detection on pjsip channels for years without issue with detection type set to SIP. Until a few minutes ago, I didn’t even have fax detection enabled for the pjsip trunk. I’ve just enabled it and faxes continue to work the same as they always have. There are T38 options in the pjsip trunk config, but I have no recent memory of playing with those.

Unrelated: I opened a ticket to remove refs to NV fax in tool tip: FREEPBX-22932

I looked on another PBX that has had fax detection setup and working since it was on FreePBX 14. It also has neither of the types checked.

So what is the point of them? Should there also then be a none?

I’ll open a ticket, but having not intentionally dealt directly with these settings in FreePBX 15, I wanted a commentary here before I opened a ticket for something that could be my misunderstanding.

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