Inbound route/DID issue on CDR Report

I have a very odd issue with a very small number of inbound calls. We are running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-17
We have a total of 111 inbound routes. 17 or so of them go to IVRs, the rest go directly to extensions.
99% of the time they are working without any issues. But some seem to always get lost and just go to the first available IVR regardless of the number dialed. Also, just to add, the issues always seem to happen from the same numbers that are calling in. It’s just very random and I have no idea why. I am just going to post the CDR log for each as I hope someone will know whats happening, but I can get a sip trace.

Below Call from Chicago number to a direct line at Ext 2646. That phone should ring, but the caller gets sent to a IVR in Seattle

Exactly the same calls is made from the same number after that to the same DID at Ext 2646 and it works fine

The only thing that stands out on the CDR report that looks different is the caller CallerID in the call detail record for the good calls shows he town and number. The misrouted call shows only the number.

We checked with the carrier and they apparently sent the same information with each call. Totally stumped.;…
Also, as I said, this only happens on a handful of inbound calls, But it’s happening to a dozen or so calls each day…
Anyone got any ideas?


Are you routing based on the DID AND the Caller ID? If that is the case, Windstream is the problem - you are getting hopped over to different routing based on capacity and the CallerID presentation is not matching up and your catch-all route is picking it up.

I have never been able to get Windstream to fix any problem when it comes to Asterisk - they always say the problem is Asterisk and pretend it’s your fault - in 2010, 100% of my customer base was on Windstream - today, we have no one on their service.

You might try looking at both presentations and creating a second inbound route with the secondary presentation but it would be hard to test since it’s intermittent.

There are FAR better carriers - and we NEVER have this problem with any of the carriers we use.

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We have it routing just based on DID so anything for XXX-XXX-2646 has the destination set for Ext. 2646
Like I said, It’s just odd that it’s very random. 99% of the time it works fine. But it seems that when there is a problem it always seems to be from the same numbers calling in.

The Caller ID part can be “overcome” to some extent by implementing the Caller ID SuperFecta. That way, if you don’t get a reliable CID (which I’ve seen a lot here in the heart of WindStream country) you can check other sources and get one from another source.

Break free of Windstream - there are many other options and they are ALL better.

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