Inbound Route destination to trunk group

I have 6 trunks and 1 inbound route. How i can set this route send call to first available trunk?

inbound call or outbound call ?

yes, inbound. I have connected my freepbx as sip client to another server, which sends calls to freepbx. Then freepbx route this call to trunk (the phone connected by bluetooth). I need any idea or solution, to route this incoming call from another server, to group of trunks (to first available trunk in system).

Your terminology is making this difficult to understand. Server, in SIP doesn’t man what you mean and SIP doesn’t use the term “trunk”, but where FreePBX uses that term, it generally means something that is not a phone, so a phone connected as a trunk is a contradiction in terms.

The first part I can interpret as meaning another telephone switch configured to believe FreePBX is a phone whereas FreePBX is configured to, correctly assume it is a switch (trunk in FreePBX terms), even though the top entity is actually a SIP client in the scenario described. This sort of arrangement is sometimes necessary (although often more expensive in licence fees than having both sides believe they have a “trunk”).

However, the second part needs a lot more explanation of what you are really trying to achieve. If you mean that phone1, phone2, etc. are connected through another switch (possibly that of a provider), I think you want to treat it as a FreePBX extension as much as possible. Unfortunately. I’m retired, with no need for a PBX, so whilst I used to research the details of such solutions through the documentation, that was broken a year or two ago, and not replaced. (Even before that it was out of date.)s

phones are connected directly to the server via bluetooth adapters, via chan_mobile. They are connected as trunks, and in one outbound route they are all selected as available for a call. but the problem is that you can only put one trunk in an inbound route. I need to make the inbound route select the first free trunk from the group.

Create a Misc Destination with a number that is matched by an Outbound Route,which lists the three trunks.