Inbound route CID rule

I’m having trouble setting rules for inbound routes CID identification (Connectivity>Inbound routes>Any DID with CID priority route specified).
In the CIDNUM field the wildcards don’t seem to be the same as in the other rule configurations (at least as I am used to) and I can’t seem to find updated info.
According to the error it throws if you try to enter a disallowed character it only accepts “characters A-D, numbers * and # ”. I’ve tried * but it doesn’t seem to work as a wildcard.
“.” and leading underscore are not allowed…. Am I missing something?

I trying to filter all walls with CID beginning with “34” and “39” (unlimited and any numbers behind…)

Many thanks in advance for any help.
(Running FreePBX 13.0.120)

Try _34* as your cid pattern.

That appears to do the trick.
Many thanks!!