Inbound route busy

I have an inbound trunk that has been working fine for years and have not changed the config. Now, I am consistently getting busy. If I edit the trunk (without making any changes), click submit and then apply config it will work for a short period and then go back to busy.

This sounds like a router timing out a NAT or firewall rule. You are forcing a re-registration. Reducing the reregistration interval or qualify interval may help, by creating events to keep the router open.

Thanks for responding. I’ve checked all that and it really doesn’t seem to be the firewall. In fact, lately it starts failing within 5 to 10 minutes. Provider is Vitelity and they say that everything looks right on their end. I’m stumped at this point.

When a call fails, look at the Vitelity portal under Sub Accounts and confirm that the relevant sub account shows Registration Status as Online.

Please confirm that your firewall has a public IPv4 address on its WAN interface, and you have captured traffic there and the incoming INVITE from Vitelity does not appear on failing calls (but does appear on successful calls).