Inbound faxes for extension no longer being emailed

Running FreePBX distro 10.13.66-5, ‘User Manager module’ 13.0.27, Fax Configuration 13.0.10, Fax Configuration Professional 13.0.12.

The inbound fax to email process was working fine for about two weeks and about 4 days ago any new inbound faxes are no longer being emailed to the recipient’s email address associated in user manger for that extension. I do have the “store locally” option set to on and the inbound faxes can be viewed in UCP for that user/extension. I have verified that the user has an valid email address listed as well as a valid email address being listed for the outbound fax email address. FreePBX is set to use the “Use Built-in SMTP server”. I still receive emails from FreePBX about upgrades and voicemails, so I am confident that email from FreePBX perspective is functioning. I have also verified that the email address being sent to is valid and can receive other emails.

Is there anywhere to look in one of the logfiles to see if it is trying to send an email when a fax is receivedl?



Should be fixed in

fax version 13.0.11
faxpro version 13.0.13

I had this exact issue. Confirm that 13.0.11 fixes it. Thanks.

I can also confirm it is working now after upgrading those modules. Thanks!