Inbound faxes ext-fax hangup - no fax received

Hi, seeing a lot of fax attempts in the column ‘dcontext’ ext-fax which have in the column ‘lastapp’ hangup for incoming faxes when looking at CDRs in .csv file.

What side would be hanging up (presuming that means no fax was sent to this FreePBX server).

In order to see if it is our FreePBX server, in fax config have just disabled ECM in case that is what is causing the failed inbound faxes.

This issue is not happening to all inbound faxes. out of 162 inbound faxes, 90 faxes shown in .csv have the Hangup.


A hangup does not indicate a failed call. It indicates a channel was hungup. What is the actual disposition of the calls and what do the logs show?

Thank you for replying Blaze Studios. Perhaps this excerpt from CDR will help…

calldate rc dst dcontext lastapp lastdata duration billsec disposition amaflags
3/23/2021 9:29 ### s ext-fax Hangup 90 90 ANSWERED 3
3/23/2021 8:51 ### s ext-fax Hangup 139 138 ANSWERED 3
3/23/2021 8:43 ### s ext-fax Hangup 133 132 ANSWERED 3
3/22/2021 19:09 ### s ext-fax ReceiveFAX /var/spool/asterisk/fax/xxxx454588.440568.tif,f 10 9 ANSWERED 3
3/22/2021 15:29 ### s ext-fax ReceiveFAX /var/spool/asterisk
/fax/xxxx441349.438397.tif,f 105 105 ANSWERED 3

As you can see two of the faxes actually sent a tif file but the first 3 calls there are no tif files. I have called the FAX number from several places and in all cases the handshaking tones are heard immediately. There are a lot of calls saying they are unable to send a fax to the DID on the FreePBX Server used for inbound faxes.


Your issue may be related to:

Hi jfinstrom, the link you have is for outbound calls. I am asking about inbound faxes.

Actually, if you read the ticket linked in my thread it can/is affecting both… MY specific issue is inbound is working for me, outbound is not… Fix has been made in Asterisk…will be a few weeks before it trickles into a FreePBX update Im told. The ticket was closed, resolved and merged this morning…

Oh yeah. I forgot about that bug in Asterisk.

Hi defcomllc,
Thanks for replying. I will look at the links you provided again. The part that is giving us issues is the CDR showing plenty of inbound faxes that show the tif file created while there are many inbound faxes that don’t show that same line… they show only HANGUP. Who is hanging up?

ReceiveFAX /var/spool/asterisk/fax/XXXX548545.457407.tif,f which means the fax was received

And the inbound faxes that do not get written…
Hangup (lastdata column empty)

There’s about 15 fax DIDs on this FreePBX Server.
I hope this is just a bug in asterisk.
This server is using Asterisk 16.15.1


Upgraded asterisk to 18.1.1
Wonder if bug was fixed.

The Asterisk bug? No. If you click on the previously linked ASTERISK issue the fixed version is stated on it as 18.3.0.

Hi jcolp,
Yeah, I see it, asterisk-version-switch only displayed
Press 6 for Asterisk 18 (LTS)

Becuase it was released today via the Asterisk source. So now FreePBX needs to update for that.

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