Inbound fax to SMB share/FTP

The default inbound Fax policy is to send an email, and if Fax Pro is installed and enabled, I’ve got the option to store locally. Is there any way to modify this behavior?

In the interest of being HIPAA compliant, I don’t want to send any faxes over email. And I also don’t want to store them locally on the PBX. Can it be configured to save to an external location automatically? And if possible, not send the email?

Aka, would it be possible to mount an SMB share locally and edit the path to which inbound Faxes are saved for a particular extension?

And for preventing the email, could I have it send to a null address or something?

Funny, I was requesting this exact thing at Astricon - it’s easy enough to mount a CIFS share in /etc/fstab like so:

//xx.xx.xx.xx/FAXes /var/spool/asterisk/fax/ cifs username=DOMAIN\User,password=SecretPassword,uid=asterisk,gid=asterisk 0 0

and then all your FAXes will be stored directly on the Shared Folder xx.xx.xx.xx/FAXes (or whatever you want).

Yes, setting the E-Mail to [email protected] works fine for killing the Mailed copies.

The only other problem we have is that the FAXes appear in a folder numbered by the FAX user created - this can be confusing since there is no obvious mapping back to the User or Number - since most of the clinic FAXes all go to one place, it wasn’t too big a deal to find where they were going, but if you had MANY recipients this could be a problem.

I am going to file a feature request right now.