Inbound/extension setting for IAX2

Hello everyone
I think I have successfully connecting 2 freepbx systems because I am able to make internal calls between system A & B. also I am able to make outbound calls from system B’s extension via system A’s E1 trunk.

However I am having some problem with setting up inbound route to extensions that is under system B. all incoming calls are handled by system A , but in system A, it does not have the system B’s extensions.

I have tried to set up IAX & pjsip extensions in system A, but was unable to properly router to B’s extension .the only way I found was to route calls by using misc destinations but I was wondering if there is a recommended way, of setting up extensions / inbound calls to system B .
any suggestions are welcome.

Not sure if it would be called recommended, but I can think of at least to ways of doing this. First one would be with misc destination, configured to send calls over the iax trunk to the other system. Other one could be dundi, which can be cumbersome to setup but very useful once you get it working.

There is a good wiki article for this:

Thanks for the link, it’s the same page that I used to set up between 2 freepbx systems, but it doesn’t say much about inbound route and there after.

Thank you for reply, do you mean setting up Dundi extension? in system A or B?

I re-read your question and understand better. Misc Destinations would be fine or you can set up the inbound route on system A to point to the trunk to system B. Unfortunately this would put the incoming call on B in the wrong context (from-internal instead of from-trunk/from-pstn). So your solution is probably best for your setup.

If you go the dundi way, dundi should be set up on both systems.

You should be able to set the dial pattern for your “second” PBX extensions in your outbound routes and point that at your IAX2 trunk.

If that isn’t getting you where you want to go, you could set up custom extensions that have a dial-string that will ring the phone on the other PBX. I did this for a cluster of servers that had to be able interdial. The catch with this is that you have to manage the extensions on the central PBX pretty much by hand (unless you write a program that does it for you, which is 6-level Mage stuff).

It would be useful to understand your organization and workflow. If system B is basically independent (they have their own staff to take calls and you’re just sharing the PRI), I would set up a second IAX trunk to system B, with context from-trunk. Then, have a single Inbound Route on A that routes B’s DID block to the new trunk, and set up Inbound Routes on B that distribute those calls to extensions, ring groups, etc. as desired.

However, if you have e.g. queues with some agents on A and some on B, IVRs with options that route to both A and B, or similar complex setups, you may be able to get acceptable results with Misc Destinations. Otherwise, you’ll need some custom dial plan.


Not sure if I have depict the organization and work flow in the picture, but basically you are right on the the work flow . only A has PRI and it’s shared by A & B.

Office B only for back end office ,so it’s setup should be fairly simple. only 1 or 2 DID for inbound and outbound route to extensions. (no queue is needed)

I will try setup context from-trunk and route on A to B’s DID like you suggested .
but I have never tried this before and hopefully it works after some tries.

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