INBOUND - Control

  • we create one application working ok
    when we press from 1 extension 44444 application run perfect.

How we could setup that every inbound traffic to the freepbx
get redirected to that application?

Thank in advanced.

You want all lines to ring to one extension? Just create an inbound route for the DID and set the destination to extension 4444. More than one DID? Do the same for each one.

Thank for Reply jerry.

all Inbound to one application,
i try "misc app"and look like is working

Hi i have 2 DID and sip accounts , where i configured outbound trunk with one did / sip account and able to make outbound calls , where i want to configure the second DID as my incomming and i stucked. i am a new user for freepbx and working on GUI mode , can any one help me on this to fix the issue.

i need a configuration how to configure inbound trunk with new DID and inbound route .

Thanks in advance


Perhaps I’m confused. You’re routing the calls into some sort of third part application rather than to a regular phone extension?

Setting up more than one DID is very easy. Simply go to the Connectivity menu->Inbound routes->Add incoming route. Fill out the fields as needed then at the last one set the destination to the extension you want to ring.

You can have many incoming routes set up in this way.

You also mention you have two incoming routes.

Typically you would have a trunk that would handle all your traffic. Most smaller users have only one trunk.

On that one trunk you have as many inbound routes (DIDs) as you need. Your provider sets up these DIDs on their end to route them over your trunk.

All outbound calls travel out on the same trunk.

This is a typical setup. It CAN be much more complicated of course but most of the time, it’s pretty simple.

Jerry, I would not waste your time on this post. If they can’t provide any useful information to help you then why be so gracious?

No version numbers or information on how the external application connects with Asterisk was provided.

Clearly, based on grammar the author is an “English as a second language” person. If they can’t get someone to help them craft their posts and then reply in further indecipherable gibberish don’t let it frustrate you.

I was once the person who didn’t know what I was doing and a kind person by the name of SkykingOH posted some helpful suggestions to me on the forum. It got me started in the right direction. I still have a lot of learning to do, and I certainly can’t help people with complex issues as I lack that knowledge, so I help the people I can. I have a debt to repay to the forum. And maybe it allows those who know more than I do to concentrate on more complex issues with their limited time. Who knows, one of those issues might be mine.

I don’t do VOIP for a living, but I do get to play an expert on TV. And I have my own office system to play with and HOPEFULLY not break.

P.S. I have issues. (well duh). But I mean related to FreePBX. I still can’t get it to NOT record any call on my extension, but record everyone else’s…but that’s another thread.

About my issue: is working ok using Misc Application Module and DID forward.

Thank for your help Jerry.