Inbound CID not shown just show trunk ID/Name 1001 on in bound call

Dera Experts,
my scenario is

  1. Gateway: Dinstar DAG 1000 4o FXO (For PSTN line to SIP conversion)
  2. FreePBX
  3. softphone installed on my desktop (receive calls on my desktop)
    I have facing a problem when I call from my cell phone to the PSTN line.
    on my desktop, it shows Trunk ID: 1001 but it is not shown the mobile number from which I calling.
    I have attached screenshots of

    my desktop softphone
    and the
    Dinstar CDR report.

Let me preface that I have 0 experience with this model FXO converter.

Does your Dinstar CDR report ever show the CDR? in your screenshot it says 1001 for both source and destination, that doesn’t seem right. It would explain why you see 1001 in your softphone, that’s definitely coming from your Dinstar.

After looking at the manual, did you set the advanced FXO parameters in the Dinstar?
It shows various options on what to send, where from and when…

See under “11. Configure FXO parameters” and “16 FAQ”

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