Inbound Calls

Unwanted inbound calls

+970598992740 is a phone number in Palestine, you are under attack and need to tighten up your SIP security and Firewall.

How would I do that? I only have 5060 open up. Is there a way to block DID?

You probably need to deny “Anonymous” and “Guest” connections. You need an effective IDS, I suggest

But the most effective method is NOT to allow ANY UDP/5060 connections, configure your system to listen on another port and arrange with your VSP to NOT use 5060, and redirect 5060 from your VSP’s 5060 traffic to your chosen port on your firewall if they wont or cant do that for you.

(there are plenty of posts here that discuss all this, there is also a search box at the top of this page)

When I turn them to no. I get phone number not in service

Yes , if you use IP based verification connections from/to your VSP and not “registration” that will happen . . . , you can generally spoof such trunking inadequacies by adding a qualified trunk by server IP in your inbound trunk settings bypassing the normal “registry” settings

I mean I do have a username and password for my inbound trunk. So I do not know why it would go offline like that. Maybe I need to call my provider ?

Yes, call your provider, The other allowed “provider” in your scenario is Palestinian :slight_smile:


Why? Is there something wrong ?

Well yes, there is something wrong, you are getting flooded by connections from this particular IP, if you don’t fix it they will move just to another IP, sooner or later you will have to pay for those calls. :slight_smile: