Inbound calls to DID receive busy signal

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I have a FreePBX system with roughly 30 or so DID’s. All phones are working except one phone I am having an issue with inbound calls. When I call the number I am receiving a busy signal. I have checked and confirmed there is an inbound route for this DID under Connectivity > Inbound Routes. What else can I check to resolve this issue? I do not have any problems calling outbound.

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Phones and DID have nothing to do with each other unless you make them.

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The phone (Yealink T42g) was linked to an extension via Extension Manager. This phone was working at one point and then the employee left the company and the phone was put into a holding closet. Any idea on what I can check to resolve the inbound busy signal issue? Thanks!

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These are unrelated.

The call is being handled by the FreePBX system and probably busying out there. Check your /var/log/asterisk/full log to see what happens when the call is received. I’m going to guess that the Inbound Route for that DID is sending the call to a Hang Up destination.

The fact that there’s a phone involved is an interest coincidence.

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The only time I’ve been in this situation where inbound calls presented a busy signal was when there wasn’t in inbound route for said DID. Where/how would I check this log you are referring to?

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This linked page above has the full instructions for isolating a call trace and sharing it via pastebin.

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I just ran the command “tail -f /var/log/asterisk/full” and it gives me tons and tons of info. Is there anyway to run this command for a specific phone number?

I pasted the code into word and there are 65 pages of info…

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In this example, the call associated with inbound number to DID 5708441178 is all via PID 1539.

[2021-06-22 13:18:50] VERBOSE[1539][C-000167bf] pbx.c: Executing [5708441178@from-trunk:1] NoOp(“SIP/voip.ms1-0000ae7e”, “Catch-All DID Match - Found 5708441178 - You probably want a DID for this.”) in new stack

So, I’d start by using ‘grep’ to find a representative call to the number you are looking for, then grep for the pid to see how the call progresses.

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The complete instructions to isolate a single call trace are entirely in the page linked above, how to get the uniqueid, how to grep and how to pipe to pastebin. There is nothing there about using MS Word.

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