Inbound calls stop working after about 10 minutes

Internet <> pfSense Firewall <> FreePBX Server

My issue: My SIP Trunk inbound calls stop working:

  • About 10 minutes after last Outbound call or,
  • About 10 minutes after issuing Asterisk CLI command ‘core restart now’.

Other characteristics:

  • Outbound calls always work ok.
  • Report Asterisk Info, always shows SIP Trunk as connected.
  • Issue persists when FreePBX Firewall is disabled during troubleshooting.

I really appreciate any suggestion to help me troubleshoot this issue.

Router firewall or NAT rule is timing out.

Set static rule on router, or adjust quailify and/or registration parameters to ensure enough traffic to keep it open.

Hi @david55,

Thank you for the suggestion. It actually fixed my issue. In case anyone runs into de same problem I would like to share a video from netgate explaining your suggestion in more detail:


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