Inbound Calls ring 9+ times before ringing correct extension

Hello All,
I have a big question for everyone.
Let me explain some things first.
This is how the inbound route is set up
Time Condition > Ring Group > 2 Extensions.
This being said, when someone calls the Analog phone line which then the FreePBX Sangoma 100 system has an FXO card to convert the analog line to digital. We have had people say it rings 9 times before the phone is answered. I have ruled out the possiblitly of the person not answering the phone in time. It only rings once internal when it is 6+ rings from the inbound call. Has anyone ever seen something like this?

check your general settings for your Sangoma module, sometimes they would have a delayed answer to detect fax signals or to adjust echo cancellation. to get a better idea about what’s happening you will need to monitor the CLI (asterisk -r -vvvv)

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The Caller ID for a DAHDI (POTS) call usually comes down the line between the first and second ring.

So that’s two off the top.

FAX detection is set in seconds (usually), but that can’t happen until the call is actually answered, so that’s probably not it.

From a console, logged in as ‘root’, try ‘asterisk -vvvvr’ and see what the actual call is doing. Nine rings is alarmingly close to 30 seconds, and we know that lots of things “fail over” in 30 seconds on the system. The most likely culprit is DNS, but there could be other issues as well.

On my system, the first two rings the caller gets are actually before my system connects (you can hear the call cut-over to the actual SIP line after a couple of rings). If that’s happening with you, that gets you out to the 4 to 5 ring range.

Still only halfway there. Watch the CLI (or you can look through the /var/log/asterisk/full file) so you can see what the system is doing.

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While watching the CLI the server doesnt recognize a call until the first ring is already done. Then it is 2 rings to pickup going thru the Time Group > Ring Group set up.
I havent been able to replicate the 9 rings that have been talked about today.
But I have been having DNS problems with our new DNS Server. I might work on that to see if that was causing the issue.

Another question.
Has anyone had a problem with transferring calls to other extensions. We use all sangoma S300 and S500 phones. The people who are transferring are saying that they are doing it correctly. Is there anyway to verify that that is the case?

CLI is your friend to monitor in real time. Otherwise gotta dig through the logs.