Inbound calls OK, outbound all circuits are busy


I am moving from Elastix to the freePBX Distro.

I have copied all the settings from elastix ( is working fine )

inbound calls work no problem but outbound are failing. I have traced the sip packets for a working call on elastix and a failed call on freepbx:

In the SIP packet the only difference is:

INVITE SIP/2.0 ( missing phone number?? )

INVITE sip:[email protected] SIP/2.0 ( from elastix box, phone number is in place )

Any ideas?


Upon further investigation is looks like the number is not being passed in:

Not Working:
Executing [[email protected]:20] Dial(“SIP/205-0000004e”, “SIP/519xxxxxxx-out/,300,”) in new stack

– Executing [[email protected]:19] Dial(“SIP/205-00000616”, “SIP/519xxxxxxx-out/,300,”) in new stack

Sorry the working log is:

– Executing [[email protected]:19] Dial(“SIP/205-00000616”, “SIP/5195940037-out/NUMBER TO DAIL IS HERE,300,”) in new stack