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Inbound Calls not Working

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(Frankiedee) #1

Hey There,

Just getting my head around the Free PBX system, have managed to set it up on a Raspberry Pi with some internal soft phones that work great. Even got a VOIP provider here is AUS and can now make outgoing calls, however I can’t quite seem to get the inbound calls to work…

I have a trunks set up with all the sub-domain the provider gave me, and can make those outgoing calls perfectly. However, when I try to call back in, the call has a busy tone. The provider let me know that the packets they were getting back were SIP 2.0/401 Unauthorised packets, so at least I know that their server can connect mine… Additionally, when I take a look at the log files, I have:

Request 'INVITE' from '"041*******" <sip:041*******@>' failed for '' (callid: 13a9499132b39ac50defcb4557cd6418@ - No matching endpoint found

I have tried swapping around so many settings but can’t seem to figure it out - Any help would be much appreciated!

Best Regards :slight_smile:

(Jared Busch) #2

What does your inbound route look like?

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