Inbound calls not working

I just started playing around with FreePBX so I have little to know experience. I have configured two trunks one trunk goes to Anveo and the second trunk is Call Centric. I have also configured inbound routes for both providers. However, when I call my Anveo DID I receive the number you have dialed is not in service. With Call Centric I receive your call did not go through please try your call again. So I would like to know how does one know if the problem is with your voip provider your on site PBX or maybe even a firewall problem. So far starters can someone tell me how to verify if the calls are actually hitting my PBX I’m not sure which logs to look at or how to determine that? Any help with this problem is much appreciated.

Please start off with

That will give us all a “base state” with yourself.

After reading the wiki here you will know that you should watch call progress iin “The Asterisk CLI”

Do that and report back.

(in no way is this a criticism of you persoally, but I would like to ask you why, if you came here for support, you did you not think that the big red letters in the sticky section at the top of the page did not apply to you also? It is just intriguing to us all who support, apparently nobody ever reads that first, but if they did 90% of new posts would be self answered, saving time and effort for all concerned. We do however anticiptae a well constructed reply . . ;.)

I’m sure Dicko’s link would have solved your problem. The info in the link is quite helpful.