Inbound calls have caller ID name problems

I am having a problem with incoming calls not having the caller ID name with them. I have asked around and I was told I need a wait() in my dialplan some where. I was wondering if someone could point me to where I need to add this so I get the name and number instead of just the number

same issue. I even jumped the time of the wait from 1 => 2 => 5 => 6 but the caller id name was never being set


that is something I think I ran into once (maybe it was in talking with you). That has never made sense to me since by the time it enters the dialplan, I would have thought all the channel variables would be set unless the driver is writting into the channel variables while the dialplan is executing. It would be really interesting to test and see what the real case is.

So, do the following, in your PRI setup, where you would normally put:

context = from-pstn

change it to:


then make a context in extensions_custom.conf:

exten => _.,1,Noop(CALLERID: ${CALLERID(all)})
exten => _.,n,Wait(1)
exten => _.,n,Noop(CALLERID: ${CALLERID(all)})
exten => _.,n,Goto(from-pstn,${EXTEN},1)

That will run your pri calls through the from-mypri context before going the normal route. Then check the CLI and see if the Callerid is changing between the wait statements. If it is, very interesting (and post here). If not, then get rid of the first wait statement (in case actually accessing the CALLERID for the first time some how ‘sets it in stone’ as to the value - then see what happens.

Report back, I’d really like to know this one.

This doesn’t sound right. The telco (or voip provider) sends the CID information (if any). If number is showing up, but not name, I don’t think a wait() will help you… Look in /var/log/asterisk/full and see what if any CID info is coming in when a call arrives.

I was told the number is sent first then the name. We know the name + number is being sent because if we use our other PBX we get name and number. The people in #asterisk said I need to add exten => s,1,wait
But I didnt know where to add this

hmm, I forgot about this problem. What fixed this was arguing with our provider about this issue… They kept claiming it was a problem with our setup. We finally got to talk to someone high enough up the support ladder who noticed they had some setting set so they were only sending us the caller id numbers with no names (why anyone would want this is beyond me). This tech enabled sending of names and the Wait(2) did the trick.