Inbound calls from PSTN to FreePBX through Grandstream GXW410X FXO Gateway fail

I am trying to configure a Grandstream GXW410x as a trunk on my FreePBX server.
While I am able to make outgoing calls through the GXW410 without an issue. When I receive an incoming call, the extensions never ring and the following error is displayed in the FreePBX log chan_sip.c: username mismatch, have , digest has <>.
I followed these instructions to configure the GXW410 to work with FreePBX.
I also tried adding match_auth_username=yes from some forum posts I found with similar issues with other gateways, but this did not resolve the error.

Make sure that you name the trunk with numbers only and use that name as the autentication name on the gateway.

I’m just getting back to this now. I tried changing the trunk name to numbers only and used that name for the auth name on the gateway, but it still as giving me the error that the digest user was <>.
I did try the option insecure-invite that I saw in a different forum post and the calls from the trunk are now making it into FreePBX. I’m not sure why the secret is coming through blank unless there is a bug with the Grandstream.

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