Inbound calls drop on only one extension

We have about 25 inside extensions and 24 of the work great one computer, which happens to belong to the owner hangs-up all inbound calls within 10-30 seconds. If the call is transferred to him from a ring group or another extension we do not have this problem. We have tried changing to known working extensions and multiple softphone clients and the problem persist.
We have 3 trunks from callcentric.

Some information might be handy like your system info, network, phone type. Is the owners phone in the same LAN as everyone else.

Asterisk (Ver. 11.6.0): Summary on CentOS.
Peer info for user.
90/90 D A 35394 OK (1 ms)
Same network as server and all other users.
He is using iOS we have one other with no problems.
Client X-Lite same config as others.

Look at the port it is registering on. That indicates that the device is doing NAT. Asterisk is having trouble getting consistent RTP back to the device so the call hangs up when the RTP timeout timer fires.


to trunk settings rather than Asterisk settings