Inbound Calls don't work for Extensions


I am currently configuring a phone system using FreePBX. I’m doing everything for the first time and since I don’t speak English very well I might miss a simple configuration error. With my settings it is possible to use the standard phone number both to call out and to accept incoming calls. However, the extensions only allow outgoing calls and indicate the correct extension. However, I cannot call using extensions, which is why I assume that I have either defined the incoming routes incorrectly or that the settings for the extensions themselves are incorrect.
Here are the screenshots for the settings:

I use an easybell trunk, which I configured myself with a manual from easybell.


the problem is that there is no log when I try to call an extensions number. The phone from which I call shows the message: Service Unavailable!, as if the number I try to call is not registered or something. What is confusing me is that the account on the other phone is registered and it is also possible to do outbound calls even with the right number.

If there is no log, in the sense being asked for here (the full log, not the CDR one), the call isn’t reaching Asterisk and you need to solve that problem before you need to worry about FreePBX configuration.

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