Inbound caller identification with extension via API

Hi everyone, I have been trying to solve this issue for a few months not on and off.

We have a custom developed CRM platform that handles order processing. I am looking for a way that when a call is answered, I can identify the extension that answered it and the callers number to then lookup against our database to bring up the customers details automatically.

I’ve been following the CRM module request here:"Sangoma%20CRM"

I’ve also been looking through the iSymphony API and can’t seem to find the request that I am looking for.

Are there any other ways to access this information, of am I best to wait for the CRM API to be finished?
Thanks in advance.

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You are looking to trigger an action when an inbound call is answered by an extension? Webhook on answered call

I’ve got the webhooks working, but it is knowing the extension that answered the call. The webhook is only showing the extension after the call has ended. Is there another way to find this information?

You could use the AMI to retrieve this data. Did you use the dump chan method in the above link?

I’ve setup a test interface with FreePBX to Postman with the REST API. I’ve got it working, but I can’t seem to find the documentation for this.

From the CLI and connected to Asterisk, the command ‘core show channels verbose’ gives me all the info I need as I can then link the caller ID with the extension. Is there a way to get this information with an API call?

Does this help?

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