Inbound Caller ID Name

Ok… recently I upgraded from asterisk 1.4 to 1.6 and freepbx to the latest 2.8…

Now all the sudden my inbound caller-id with name doesn’t work… I’m not sure if it’s the upgrade to asterisk that did this or something working differently in freepbx with the new version of asterisk…

Originally I would get “New User” / for my caller-id… I found a post that said leave the fullname= in users.conf blank… I did that and now I get / for my caller-ID versus name… I know Broadvoice sends Caller-ID with name as this was working for years prior to this upgrade… Can someone help me troubleshoot this? I’m not sure where they are pulling the Caller-ID name from be it from the SIP header, or somewhere else…


I still need help with this… anyone have any ideas??

Please provide some details:

  1. Have you configured CallerID Lookup in FreePBX?
  2. Do you use that CallerID Lookup in an Inbound Route?
  3. Post a trace of a call entering your system. Open a shell to your server, type asterisk -r then type core set verbose 5, then logger rotate.

Call your system and then hang up. Post the /var/log/asterisk/full here that contain the call. Please type [ code ] then paste the log, then type [ /code ] at the end (without the spaces) so it will be readable.

The problem was specifically broadvoice and ONE of their peering points… when connected to their DC peering point it works fine… it’s just the Chicago peering point…