Inbound Call Routing configuration

Hi EVeryone,

Im very new to Asterisk, only just started “playing” in the last few days with a FreePBX and Asterisk installation (via PBX In A Flash).

I have two SIP trunks configured - both from Sipgate, but each has its own logon details and separate DDI number.

Can anyone tell me what “User Context” in the “Incoming Settings” section of the trunk configuration is used for? Ive searched the internet, and cant find anythign that makes sense to me!

Many thanks


Hello and welcome to FreePBX and Asterisk.

User-Context is the Asterisk context that the call will ‘enter’ the dial plan. A context is a placeholder in the dial plan. There are a few built in contexts in FreePBX that you need to be aware of.

from-trunk - This is the entry point for standard SIP and IAX circuits. Inbound call routing and blacklisting applications, to name a few, require the trunk to use from-trunk. Peers in this context can’t directly dial extensions or make outbound calls.

from-internal - This is the context extensions are set to by default. From-Internal allows access to all of the calling features such as call forwarding, pickup, parking etc. along with outbound dialing privileges.

Incoming Settings and Peer Details do essentially the same thing. You can enter any Asterisk SIP or IAX variables and FreePBX will generate the peer. Each trunk consists of two peers an outbound with settings in ‘peer details’ and an inbound with settings in ‘incoming settings’

Here is a link to all of the Asterisk SIP peer settings.

Good luck with your system.