Inbound call routing by dialed number on analog lines

Excuse the basic question- we have a lot of FreePBX installs, but only one using analog lines…

This implementation is small- five phones and two analog lines in a hunt group from the telco. The client would like to route calls made to the DID of the second analog line to a separate greeting. We do this regularly with PRI DIDs, but never before with analogs.

As-is, there is one inbound route for DID “ANY”. If I add the route for the secondary number it doesn’t work because of the ANY route. If I modify the ANY route to the ten digit of the main number (the number of the first line of the hunt group) calls to the main number fail. It could be that the telco is only sending four or seven digits, but before I call them I thought I’d check here to make sure what we want to do is possible with analogs in a hunt group.


You telco is sending ZERO digits, POTS lines don’t support this feature. You must manually assign a DID to your analog channels:

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Thank you very much!

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‘ANY’ inbound routes should pickup anything that is left after all the others have been checked.

It’s been a while since I’ev done a DAHDI setup (used to have a client with that). As I recall, you don’t get the DID from POTS lines. You need to assign the group to a destination. So for example, if you are using a 4 port interface, you would say that calls from port 1-2 are Group 1 and go to destination X, and port 3-4 are group2 and go to dest y.

Now if you are looking to have calls from line 1 and line2 (when cascaded from line 1) go to X and direct calls to line 2 go to dest y, I don’t think that will work.

I just deduced this; it can only differentiate by analog line, not by dialed number, so when the hunt group rolls to the 2nd line, the caller will get the alternate greeting regardless of what number they dialed.

So I think to get the desired function they will need a dedicated analog line or to switch to a PRI.

That is correct. A third line would do the trick. Also of note, calls going out on the 2nd line will not have the CID of the first, but rather the second. The PhoneCo should be able to help with that though.
in other-words map your phone number with a pseudo-did by channel (because analog channels have no knowledge of what number was called, they just ring) and use the from-analog context, route the inbound calls appropriately, outbound calls will honor the priorities of “group” or “channel” you program.