Inbound call filtering based on partial cid - area code

I would like to send inbound calls to a specific extension or a ring group based on callers area code. I could not find any functionality in FreePBX to accomplish this. I have tried using cid settings in the inbound routes but that does work only for a full number and not for first four digits e.g., when I put a full number 01617654321 it works and send the call to specified destination but when I use only 0161 or 0161XXXXXXX it does not work. I wonder if there is any custom module available for this kind of task. Any help will be much appreciated.

This is covered in the tool tip of the DID field if you hover over the field name.

Put the underscore in front of your match string IE: _216XXXXXXX

Yes, you are right, it is there. I have been googling for two days. I think I need to learn to pay more attention to detail. Thank you very much.

I was googleing for days to try how to figure out this.

I am trying to rout all calls from 954 area code to specific extension.

When I put _954XXXXXXX as DID, calls do not connect.
When I put _954XXXXXXX as CID, calls do not connect.
Only if I leave CID empty and DID as my phone number calls connect.

Can anyone give me some pointers?


Nothing in DID
_954. in CID.

See if that works.


Depending on what you have for other inbound routes, you may need to enable “CID Priority Route”