Inboud Call Handling from Reception


I have been asked to setup call handling such that callers to Reception are placed on hold until the call is picked up if reception is busy. They should hear something like, sorry all of our lines are in use please hold until your call is… etc.

Is it best to setup a Queue for this and have it timeout to go back to reception? Or, is there a better way. It seems the main reason is they do not want callers reaching staff without being announced by Reception.

Thank you

Why timeout back to the reception?

Just add the reception to the Queue, turn Skip Busy Agent on, adjust the agent retry settings etc, and let the callers stay in the Queue until the Queue sees your receptionist is available.

You can also add to announce the position in the queue, the wait time. Or you can add your custom Breakout Menu to say whatever you want.

See this Wiki for more.