Inappropriate closure of Ticket #4441 - Phillipe please read

Phillipe, you had asked me to open separate new tickets for the clone feature for routes, trunks, etc. I did (as #4441 for Trunks) and included an explanation. Today I see the ticket was closed, not by you, as a duplicate. The ticket cited as a duplicate has barely a sentence of explanation,

Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps certain people should not have the ability to close tickets, especially before any action has been taken on them? What bothers me is that you asked me to post this as a separate ticket, and that’s clearly stated in the ticket, so why is someone else closing it?


you made a “generic” request to have a “duplicate” function on modules if my memory serves me.

I suggested you open a separate ticket for each module you felt this is particularly useful for (again, if my memory serves me correctly). That helps keeps enhancements focused when looking at things to do on any given module (since the ticket system doesn’t let you choose multiple components for the same ticket, which would be very useful…)

You did that and if I recall there were about 3-4 modules that you suggested this for. One of those already has a ticket open for it, so mickecarlsson simply marked that one as a duplicate and referred it back to the original ticket that was opened for this.

If you were concerned that there were details missing it is a simple action to add that information back into the original ticket (as mick did).

So … don’t take things out of context. Tickets are manipulated and closed all the time by different developers and other contributors. I don’t believe the other tickets you opened were closed since there were not duplicates. There are also plenty of instances when valid tickets are closed in errors. When you are dealing with with a software project like this, that happens. There is nothing personal going on, as I think you can see from all of mickecarlsson’s comments and interactions.

That is because we close tickets that are duplicates. #4441 is a duplicate of #3784. We also close the latter ticket so that we know that the request has been made in the past.
I can copy your text into #3784, no problem.