Inactive Stasis app '201' missed message

As per title, I get a lot of these lines tracing asterisk while making calls.
201 is a pbx Fanvil phone
Why and what to check ?
Thank you

I’ve seen this question somewhere before. Please link to the original question.

On that one, you were told that it is the result of your disabling your ARI application after subscribing it to something, and the only way to avoid that message is to not disable the application.

Well, despite Inactive Stasis app discussions were about hacking issues , my issue was about a “click2call” chrome extension I set up and lately removed, just realized…
I restore click2call for extno. 201 and issue is gone.
Is there a way to deregister/unsubscribe this app from system ?

Turns out it was someone else who asked something very similar and the answer was “No”: