In some FreePBX 15 modules the time group does not work

Good day, colleagues.

Found a new bug FreePBX15. When you set the time group for a route in the outbound routes module or in the custom contexts module, the time group does not work. How does it not work out? Not at all.

As a result of troubleshooting, the following was revealed:

  1. FreePBX writes settings to the database for a specific outgoing route, and the time group parameters are also there.

  2. In the web interface, when switching to a time group, you can find out where it is already being used. So, here lies the very juice.For, for example, the Time Conditions module, clicking on a link from the web interface is correct, and everything works cool, without any complaints. When I try to navigate to, for example, an outbound route, I get a 404, which is understandable, because the link in the timegroup to go to the outbound route is wrong, so nothing works.

Below for clarity, I attach screenshots:

I would be grateful for any help in troubleshooting and solving this problem.

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