In FreePBX admin user have no top menu

Hai All,

The Admin user have no top menu and no menu modules, wat are wrong, see (1) in the image ???

When i look to another server, with the url: /admin/config.php?display=advancedsettings
See (2) in the image, this is ok.

And the server with problems, i see this, see (3) in the image

How can i repair this?


Try on a different browser or/and clear out browser’s cache.

I have this with 4 computers and the cache is cleaning.
I have this with different browsers.


Thanks all,

After a day of messing around it turned out to be a session problem, after a “fwconsele unlock session_id” on all 4 computers and all the browser session id’s (IE, Choom and Firefox) on these computers it’s ok.

How can this???

Is it possible to reset all the session ids at once???


I have two FreePBX servers and when I open the other’s web gui the session id seems to have a problem, presumably because it is using the wrong session id.
Can this be solved???

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