Impossible to ping grandstream gateway [Solved]

Hi everybody,

I have a great problem with grandstream gateway. Less than 1h after the boot, the device become unreachable. The ping fail and consequently analog phones lost registration. I made some researches and it seems that the fact of putting Qualify=yes for extension could bring asterisk to disturb the gateway. I found it logical but could it also justify the shutting down of the lan interface?
I really need to solve this.

Thanx for having read.

qualify= causes Asterisk to check the status of the gateway. If Asterisk can’t reach the gateway it will stop using it. qualify= does not shut down any interfaces. If you are unable to ping the grandstream gateway it is most likely a network problem.

Can you ping the Asterisk server while the grandstream is not responding. Try this from a different host on the network besides the Asterisk server.

Yes I’ve already tried this. The gateway boot well but after less than 1h, the ping fail. When the problem occurs, from my computer I can ping asterisk, IP phones, GSM gateway and all the over devices on the same network. I have to reboot the grandstream to make the ping work again for a time, then it leave again. I thought that perhaps there was a conflit but all the other devices are reachable may the grandstream be ok or not.
I’m alright with you about the qualify=yes but some said that it bring asterisk to send too many requests to the grandstream, causing some sip problem. But they didn’t said that it could have some consequences on the lan interface. It’s just me trying to find a possible tip to solve things. When I see this problem, it seems like something is causing a sort of deny of service in the gateway.

Finally I tried to put qualify=no on all analog phones, leaving qualify=yes for only one of them (the one on the port 1 of the gateway). I realized that the analog gateway stayed reachable for hours but it seems that this cause another problem: when I do a sip show peers, the status of the extensions with qualify=no on the gateway is unmonitored but after less that 1h, the only extension with qualify=yes goes unreachable and all analog posts lose their tone. When they are marked unmonitored, phones are functional but with unreachable on the first one, they are not.
I think that modifying the qualifyfreq value could solve things but I ask myself if upgrading the gateway couldn’t be a better solution. It seems that the cause of my troubles is really the qualify=yes, but it’s really suprising. I thought of upgradind because I remembered that I’ve already been through this problem with another grandstream of same software version of my present gateway. I solved that by replacing the gateway by another, having a different firmware version.
What do you think of all of that?

Finally my problem is solved. I solved it by upgrading the gateway to its last version. Now analog phones are still ok after more than 20hrs.
Thanx for everything.