Importing Extensions Error Unrecognized action: the only actions recognized are add, edit, del

how is the CSV supposed to look. Where do I actually put “add” ?. I am starting a new system from scratch

The first column, usually called “Action” IIRC. If all you had was the export from the old system, add a new column on the front of each record called “Action” and make it “Add” (since this is a new system).

Current versions of FreePBX uses the bulk handler to perform this operation. There is very well documented info here

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The extesions were from 2.11 so I need to be able to import them and I am still getting the same error even when adding the columns. Do you have an example you can post? is the “User’s Guide” for bulk handler import.

okay got more information on this. Apparently this is on a PIAF system and I’m trying to import into freepbx. Maybe I’m better to start from scratch?

Nah - just open the CSV file in Wordpad or OpenOffice. Update the headings so they match the heading in Bulk Handler (split up the old fields that used to be compound) and then save the file back. Note that a LOT of the headings changed (like, I think, all of them). :slight_smile:

In general, I avoid Excel for this. It tries to be a little too “helpful” and usually screws up the file to the point you have no choice but to do it by hand.

If the list is less than 20 phones, you might be better off starting from scratch, if more, this is a good exercise and should save you some time in the long run.

all I want is the extensions and names. can I just delete the rest. Where do you put “add” ?

I think I pointed you at this already. Is there something in this document you don’t understand?