Import Extensions Module

Where to get and how to install this module?

Any other tips for importing / batch-adding big number of sip extensions through freepbx?



is nobody else using freepbx in an environement with >20 extensions?

hope to find a solution somewhere, will post here i successfull

Thanks to Paul C. from down under. I emailed him about his link in the first message of the post. He got back to me the next day with a Tarball. He says he hasn’t used it in a couple of versions. I’ll upload it here so we can test it out. I hope that you’ll try it and post any tips or any errors.


hey andrew

many thanks to paul & you.

just tested it in freepbx 2.2.3 on a trixbox 2.2.3 install.
works form me, does exactly what i need.

comparing entries in the sip_additional.conf and vociemail.conf config-files generated through the standard add extensions and with this importextensions there is no difference - this is true for the freepbx sql db data aswell.

as there is a field action=‘add’ i assume the code is prepared to do deletions aswell - just replacing the value with ‘del’ or ‘delete’ doesn’t do it, will try to find out.

will post here any further experience with this module - this should be included in the basic modules of freepbx.


it would help if the author were to post it up on a ‘module’ ticket. Then we could review and consider it’s inclusion. We can’t just grab the module from his site and make it available - it’s his code until he submits it.

You may want to contact the author and ask him to do that and then we can take a look.

Hey guys,

Great to see my module works still. I always intended to upload it, but wasn’t sure how to at the time ( and was busy rolling out a PBX :stuck_out_tongue: ). I totally forgot about it afterwards, so never put it up.

Feel free to add it in to freepbx on my behalf.

you will need to submit the zipped or tarred file into a ticket, should only take you a second. Also - ‘username_taken’ - if you have an old forum name that was inactivated, let me know what it was and I’ll be glad to re-activate it. (just guessing based on the name you are using now…)

done! ticket # #2195

as for my username, strangely enough this is actually the username I use on most forums etc.

paul, thanks a lot for this very useful module.

q: there is an action field, in the template this is filled with value “add”. should it be possible to use this to batch-delete extensions? if yes, what value to use? did try it with “del” & “delete” without luck.


From memory I created a field for every submittable option ( I may have trimmed it back down a bit after ) and thought the action field could be used down the track to add other functionality like delete extensions. I haven’t ever tried or tested it though.

Do you have a set of queries to export the extensions from a live system?
This would be a great help when moving between versions of Freepbx/Trixbox/AdminsParadise and not having to completely obliterate what they setup :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m missing something, but should the Import Extensions Module be found under Module Admin in FreePBX? I can’t find it. Where should I download the module from? Thanks.

If I download the zipped tarball that was originally uploaded in the ticket, and try to install it in FreePBX, I get a message saying the file name isn’t in the correct format (doesn’t have a version number). I can find the contributed_modules repository, and there are four separate files, but how do I grab them? It seems like I can only view the contents.

Basically, how do I download and install this module? I couldn’t find any documentation in the wiki.

Sorry for the multiple posts - I figured it out. I just saved the tarball to my computer, renamed the tarball to include the version number, and uploaded it.


Can you please say how exactly did you save the tarball.
Also from your experience is it a good tool. I assume it can only create multiple extensions (something like the sip.conf and extensions.conf in plain Asterisk) from a list, but not really import extensions from a different Asterisk machine.



If you had some kind of documentation, it would be nice to see it.
But thanks for writing this and posting for everybody to use.

I used the import extensions module as the starting point, updated it for FreePBX 2.4, included additional fields from the Extensions page, and added support for modifying and deleting existing extensions.

Download the .tgz file from ticket 2826 and use the FreePBX Module Admin page to Upload Module to your server.

you guyz rock…
I tried the this and it worked for me…
ThUmBz Up!!