IMAP and Exchange 2010 - Freepbx reload issue

Problem - When I make a change in FreePBX the change applies but the web gui stays stuck on reloading until I log onto my exchange server and restart IMAP. As soon as I do the gui free’s up and works as expected.

I do see the reload occer in the asterisk CLI but freePBX never completes again until I restart IMAP.

Here are some details.

  1. It happens every time so it can be easily reompicated
  2. It doesnt matter what I change.
  3. I have had an occerrance or two where phone calls have stopped until I have restarted asterisk.
  4. I am running Asterisk - Freepbx
  5. I have about 232 exts
  6. I have about 178 voicemail boxes.
  7. I am using Exchange 2010
  8. I have extended all of the exchange 2010 timeouts to the max of 25000 in the IMAP configuration of Exchange.
  9. I have increased some settings in the php.ini file.

Any thoughts on what might be wrong here?

Maybe I’m missing the connection here, but what does your Exchange environment have to do with Asterisk?
Are you loading contacts or via IMAP or somehow have an IMAP connection to Asterisk?

We are now segfaulting because of imap. If someone thinks they can help I can post those segfaults.

Thank you.

Yes - All voicemail is stored on the Exchange server using IMAP.

re going to have to be more specific about your setup if you expect anyone to understand this.
Like, for example, how you have the integration set up.

I am not what more you need to know… I have an asterisk server and an Exchange server, they are both on the same lan.

I am using the Exchange server as an IMAP server on port 143 to store all of the voicemails that come in to the asterisk server.

When a caller leaves a voicemail it gets sent to the exchange server.

I am not sure I followed this instruction set explicitly but this is the general idea of what I did…

Do you have any specific questions about my install?

Ok, I’ve read the tutorial you almost followed.
You said you were segfaulting, now, too.
The step “Compiling Asterisk”, where you recompiled, may be the most likely issue for segfaulting.
Have you ensured that the source code you’re compiling from is the exact source for the Asterisk version you are running?
Are you also linked against the same libraries (if any)?

Are there any log files generated by either Asterisk/VM/Exchange that would point out any sort of problem?

You said it didn’t segfault in the beginning. What has changed that?