Image a PBX system for deploying multiple systems

We have standardized our layouts for our PBXs. Meaning the layouts and configs are the same unless the customer makes a request. Is there a way to build a system, then back it up to an image for easier deployments in the future?

What you can do is, setup a machine, don’t activate it, make it for a image and use that image…

How do you image the machine?

Same as you image any machine, Never done it with centos, search on Google how to make the custom image.

Unless you are installing third party programs/apps (FOP2, etc) then making an image is overkill. If by “Standardized Layouts” you mean “This is how the system settings should be configured” and you are just installing the ISO then just always install the current ISO.

Take your “Standardized” system and do a FULL backup on via Backup/Restore. Then you can just do fresh ISO installs and pull the backups from there. You’re really not backing up a lot of information and can even set the backups to only backup that information to install on a new machine.

The problem with making your own image is that each system level update/ISO release after that image is created will require you to go through and run the system updates and make sure all that is updated correctly. Whereas with the fresh ISO install you don’t have to worry about system level stuff, you can import your standardized settings and then make sure all the modules are up to date after the import.

Like I said, making your own image is only really needed when you are doing a lot of setup at the system level with third-party installs or your own customization. If you’re just trying to save time from jumping around screens in the FreePBX GUI each new install, just use the Backup/Restore module to deal with this.

you can do it using CloneZilla , i have done many times on CentOS6 and CentOS7 it works perfect , so it’s a very good tool to handle your request, see …

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mondoarchive is another solution that you can do while online and with no downtime to produce a bootable .iso image and/or a bootable usb stick to generate your clones.

Everytime you update master with either FreePBX/asterisk or any of your third party apps, just recreate the iso.

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