iLBC codec causes no audio

Hi all: I’m trying to use iLBC codec but I found that iLBC has a no audio issue. If both endpoints are using iLBC neither endpoint can hear the other, even though RTP packets are flowing correctly, as checked with rtp debug. Also if an echo test is performed on an endpoint with iLBC, neither the initial explanatory message nor the echo itself can be heard. If one endpoint is using iLBC and the other is using another codec, I tried with ulaw, g729 and g722, iLBC endpoint can’t hear the other non-iLBC endpoint, but non-iLBC endpoint can hear iLBC endpoint.

This has been tested between internal extensions on a local LAN, no NAT involved. This issue only happens when one or both endpoints are using iLBC. There are no audio issues when using any other codec except iLBC.

Asterisk 13.23.1
FreePBX 10.13.66-22

Any help will be much appreciated.

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